Site_seeing: COCKTAIL HOUR [part 2]






Site_seeing: COCKTAIL HOUR [part 1]

  1. Lady and pups makes Frozen grapes Daiquiri!
  2. Mr Michael Procopio is fixing an Old Fashioned Cocktail.
  3. Peach Bellini for four, from the the Novice Chef.
  4. Another version of Sangria, the White one from Kimberley.
  5. Can you add corn in a cocktail? Yes you can ;) Check out the recipe in Stir & Strain.
  6. Bourbon + peach cocktail from I am a food blog.
  7. Revel's Kimchi Bloody Mary cocktail recipe!


Site_seeing: I call a fig a fig, a spade a spade!

1/ Dreamy fig salad with watercress & bacon from Yummy Supper
2/ Yogurt with fresh figs, honey & pine nuts... super healthy or what?!
3/ Prosciutto wrapped figs and blue cheese, Giorgos Lekkas' super deli recipe
4/ Fig & greek cheese mini phyllo pies. A sweet and salty recipe from Olive Tomato
5/ Fig perfumed pop candle in glass vessel from Jonathan Adler
6/ Fig and olive oil cake: two of my fave greek ingredients. See recipe in Shutterbean
7/ Fresh fig tart with mascarpone, from the greek blog Spoon stories
8/ In this cookbook you will find not only recipes but also interesting info about figs.